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It is a great pleasure and honour for us to host the 29th RIAD Congress on 7-8 November 2019 in Berlin, Germany, and celebrate with you the 50th anniversary of our Association: for half a century, RIAD has been advocating affordable, high-quality and uncomplicated access to justice! This event will bring together RIAD Members, Lawyers, Brokers, Academics, Ministries, Students and Consumers from around the world. Our theme for the 2019 Congress is Collective Redress and its importance for our industry and partners. At the time of the Congress the European Union will have new legislation on Collective Redress which Member States will have to transpose into national law and users will have to adapt to. We want to learn and discover how Collective Redress functions in other jurisdictions and expect this programme to be filled with information that is most relevant to our community. As always, the RIAD Congress is also the opportunity to find out about the latest developments in legal protection.

With your presence and participation at the RIAD Congress 2019, we will continue the networking and knowledge sharing in the Legal Protection Community.

Simon Warr                                                                           Antje Fedderke
RIAD President                                                                       RIAD Secretary General


About RIAD

RIAD is the International Association of more than 50 companies from around the world that offer either legal protection insurance or act as service providers in this area. RIAD members carry on specialised services in the area of legal protection insurance, in particular providing legal advice, representing insured persons out-of-court as well as in-court, and bearing the costs of legal proceeding. They generate premium income in the magnitude of around €3.3bn per annum and as facilitators of access to law and justice contribute to the welfare of its insurers.

RIAD represents and defends the interests of its members and promotes worldwide how they facilitate access to law and justice. Based in Brussels, RIAD and its members endorse the legal protection idea and the recognition of legal protection insurers and their employed lawyers as fully-fledged participants in the legal services market worldwide. RIAD and its members seize and implement new ideas and enhance legal protection in the interest and for the benefit of customers.

More information on our webpage: www.riad-online.eu

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